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Geographical Location: Horn of Africa. Avery around Lake Turkana. The. Participatory natural resource management with Somali pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in Ethiopia: a lasting community led response to climate change

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Africa Action is a national organization that works for political, economic and social justice in Africa. Through

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Aug 112013. example, in Turkana, where oil has been discovered, community land rights must be considered to avoid exclusion of the people as resources are appropriated by others. This


The Trust’s aim is to cover approximately 8,000 sq kms and support a diverse range of flora and fauna and the pastoral livelihoods of several different nomadic tribes including the Samburu, Turkana and Rendille.

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Morton, J. 2006. Policy options paper: community based drought management for the pastoral livestock sector in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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^ P. H. Gulliver - The Family Herds: A Study of Two Pastoral Tribes in East Africa, the Jie and Turkana Routledge, 31 Jan 2003 Retrieved 2012-07-08 ISBN 0415176468

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The need and opportunity for pastoral leadership and ministry...in Kenya has never been so vital. At the same time, the challenges for ministry in East Africa are greater than ever.. CNN - World - Africa. News from Africa

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Lomidat Pastoral Multipurpose CO- Operative Society Limited (Lpmcs) - a registered society for the people of Turkana, the legal body by which the Turkana people own Turkana Meat Processors Company Limited.

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Friends of Lake Turkana - Community Rights | Environmental Justice | Resource Governance. Published in: Beyond Turkana

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Budogo Forest Community Development Organisation (BUCODO); Environment Alert; Forest Research Institute (FORI); Integrated Rural Development Initiatives (IRDI); Karamoja Agro-Pastoral Development Centre; Karamoja Agro-pastoral.

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The lessons from the drought in the Horn of Africa in 2010/11 show that national governments and the international community must improve their response in a number of areas, in line with the Charter to End Extreme Hunger.

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Africa | Moran, Maasai. Lake. Faces of Africa. Turkana tribe - Kenya - Kenia Turkana tribe is the second largest pastoral community in Kenya. This nomadic community moved to Kenya from Karamojong in eastern Uganda.

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Tessema, Y. (2002) Analysis of Stakeholder Power and Responsibilities in Community Involvement in Forest Management in Eastern and Southern Africa, IUCN Eastern Africa.

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